We can turn any celebration or event up a notch by providing you with Pinnacle Party Hosts and Performers.

Providing childrens interactive Childrens Birthday Dance Parties; any theme, full of dance, fun and games.

Hen Dance Parties offering interactive easy to follow naughty (Heels class) or nice fun dance classes, learning a routine from any era, any theme, song  and so much more…

Music, props, giveaways & free keepsake video included for parties.

We cater to children from age 6 years to Adults.

Event Performers for:

  • Award shows
  • Ceremonies
  • Corporate events
  • Graduations
  • School Assemblies
  • Festivals / Fetes
  • Office do’s
  • Landmark events
  • Leaving do’s

Anything you can dream up we’ll make happen!

See our full list of what styles and themes we offer.

If you do not see something on the list please let us know and we will be happy to accommodate and create a bespoke service.

We provide the following:

  • Commercial / Street Dance Party
  • Break Dance Party
  • Break Dance Super Heroes Party
  • Pop Star Dance Party
  • Disco Divas Dance Party
  • Creative Dance Party
  • Disney Dance Party
  • Belly Dance Party
  • Bollywood Dance Party
  • Princess Ballerina Dance Party
  • Ballroom Dance Party
  • Carnival / Soca Dance Party
  • Neon / Glow Dance Party
  • Catwalk / Supermodel Dance Party
  • Cheerleading Dance Party
  • Unicorn Creative Dance Party
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics Dance Party
  • Hula Hooping Dance Party
  • Grease / Jive / Rock & Roll Dance Party
  • Musical Theatre Party
  • Pitch Perfect Party
  • Michael Jackson Dance Party
  • Any Pop Star Theme
  • Kidz Bop Dance Party
  • Pop Princess Dance Party
  • Musical Theatre Party
  • Burlesque & Boyesque Dance Party
  • Girl Power Dance Party
  • Boy Power Dance Party
  • Heels Hen Dance Party
  • Hen Dance Party (Any theme)
  • Stag Dance Parties
  • Dads Dance
  • Mums Gone Wild
  • Any Decade Dance party

Pinnacle Party Host & Performers prices

  • 1 hour: £150.00
  • 1 ½ hours: £225.00
  • 2 hours: £250.00

Contact us for more information and a booking form – info@ppa06.co.uk