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Absolutely to that statement, never sell yourself short, when you are confident and can back up what you are providing to the world. At Pinnacle we offer a top notch bespoke affordable service, you will not be disappointed. Our clients testimonials say so too, check them out. @pinnacle_performing_arts is taking bookings for 2020 Providing all

Care UK

Very Professional entertainment.

I hired a vintage entertainer for a Dementia nursing care home I work at; to sing songs for a summer Enrichment day & Remembrance Day.

Our residence really enjoyed seeing the lady tap dance & singing songs.

She was dressed up in 40s Style clothing. It was like we were transported back in time.

We also hired a MJ entertainer for Halloween, in the summer a Bollywood Street dance fusion performer & a Vintage Xmas performer too.

I would definitely recommend this company.

Natricia Bernard Review

I had the privilege of being a guest at one of Pinnacle Performing Arts stage shows.
The creative side from Artistic / Creative director Marsha J Carrington, costumes & choreography by her & her team were of a high standard and the performers performed well & you could see they were having fun too.
On the night my job was spot the talent that caught my eye & shined on that stage & present them with a star of the night award.
Although my job was hard I was able to do so.
I respect and rate the work & professionalism from Marsha & her team & I have no hesitation in recommending her to any company, for classes & events.